Throughfeed boring machine

Throughfeed boring machine

Brand Vitap
Type Acoustic
Year 2020
stock number 1010060
state Neu
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Technische Daten

Throughfeed boring machine
Brand: VITAP

for creation of acoustic panels for noise reduction

Boring machine with through feed panel, boring from the bottom and automatic panel return to the operator.

Technical data:
N.1 drilling head 55 spindles x 32 mm. system
n. 55 adaptors for quick chucks
The heads rotate at 2800 rpm
Lubrication: seals with grease

Max. thickness of the panel 50mm
Max weight of the panel: Kg 80
Max panel size : X no limit, Y 1250 mm, Z 50 mm
Min panel size: X 300 mm, Y 150 mm, Z 12 mm

Panel feeding speed : 25m/min
Max drilling depth in vertical : 45 mm
Max vertical tools diameter 12mm
Diameter of the dust extraction 1 x Ø 120 mm
Motor power : n.2 x 4 Kw
Air pressure : 7 bar

Three controlled axes:
X Axis - Panel movement by means of a strong pneumatic clamp
Y Axis - Boring head movement
Z Axis - Panel boring

- Newly patented, high rigidity boring head movement on Y and Z axis.
- Constant Side pusher: Side pusher with constant preload for perfect positioning of the panel on the machine zero point.
- Device for back exit panel
- n.5 vertical pressure clamp
- New frontal and more user friendly tool change system

Positioning axes:
- X axis by motor with direct connection to the positioning belt
- Y axis by hepycycloidal motor reducer rack and pinion high precision with helicoidal teeth
- Z axis by motor and ball screw.

- No limit in panel length
- High productivity and flexibility
- Simple programming
- Control: Full Parametric
- Industrial pc for better programming performance
- Software dedicated for programming and optimization of the drilling;
- Monitor LCD TFT 19" 5/4
- User's interface WSC with Lister, parametric tools and parametric set up
- Graphics programming CAD TPA EDI32, base version
- Usb port for loading programs run on a station in each office
- 3 levels of access with passwords (operator-supervisor-assistance)
- Set up parameters
- Working Path Configuration
- Saving all files with all data
- Data Entry Form with graphic support on major transactions
- Macro Programming
- Basic data always visible on screen
- Jobs List
- Cross Control between parameters and the working program
- Import DXF files
- Fast optimization program by inserting only the following datas : bit diameter,
Center distance, X axis dimension of the pattern, Y axis dimension of the pattern

including following Options:
- Frontal and rear rollers for long panels
- Bar code reader and slot for software