Automatic 30-fold edge magazine for edge banding machines

Automatic 30-fold edge magazine for edge banding machines

Brand ISAS
Type Performance
Year 0
stock number 1110027
state Neu
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Technische Daten

Multi edge magazine for edge banding machines
Make: ISAS
Type: Performance

Length approx. 2000mm
Width approx. 2000mm

Max. edge coil-Ø: 760mm
Max. edge height: 28mm
Max. edge thickness: 2mm

Consisting of:
- Base frame
with movable thrust plates for take of edge coils, central stored,
1x Side shaft for quick supply and higher edge coils

- Upper frame
30 mechanical clamping lever
2 Festo axes system for edge systems and loosen the clamping
Drive with servo motor frequency controlled
2 Transport rollers central splitted and stored for edge transport forward/backward

- Strip guidance / hopper

- Transfer plate to the machine, special construction

- Control technique
Switch box on the machine, wired
SPS control
4 Frequency inverter in the switch box
Potential free contacts for previous machine

- Display and operator surface 1
Touch Panel TP 615 LC fix mounted at the edg magazine,
Working memory 256 MB, application memory 128 MB

- Display and operator surface 1
via 3tec standard (Software for edge- and list management)

Compressed air supply 6 bar

- Software 3 tec (own developed)
Productions control
List entering of edge (Code) possible,
Egde pre-selection possible,
Edge change at PC,
Displaying of errors and warnings,
Hand function for output switch functions
Shaft management
Expanding for automatical process in the named order of production
(quantity: 1 piece) via scanner-interface
Operation mix possible

Optional available:
- 60-fold edge magazine
Lenght: approx. 2700mm
Width: approx. 2700mm
Upper frame with 60 mechanical clamping levers

- 90-fold edge magazine
Length approx. 3900mm
Width approx. 2500mm
Upper frame with 90 mechanical clamping levers

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