single sided egde banding machine

single sided egde banding machine

Brand IMA
Type Novimat/Compact//I/G80/700/L12/
Year 2017
stock number 0030800
state Gebraucht
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Technische Daten

single sided edge banding machine
Brand: IMA
Type: Novimat/Compact//I/G80/700/L12/
Year: 2017

Single sided automatic IMA edge banding and finishing machine
For edge banding and nibbling of panel-shaped workpieces.

Technical data:

Werkstückausstand aus der Kettenbahn: 38 mm
(inkl. Kante bei Kantendicke 0,3 - 8 mm)

Werkstückausstand aus der Kettenbahn: 30 mm
(inkl. Kante bei Kantendicke 8,1 - 12 mm) + Kantendicke

The following finishing units can be used for edge thicknesses of 8.1 - 12 mm:
- End trimming unit
- Trimming unit 08.055 for flush trimming
- Milling drum assembly 08.190
- Sanding unit 08.062 with guide carriage

min. Throughput width: 65 mm with max. workpiece thickness of 25 mm
min. Workpiece length in feed direction: 150 mm
Basic height (upper edge of chain track): 960 mm

min. Workpiece length: 150 mm
min. Workpiece width: 65 mm (with max. 3 mm edge)
min. Workpiece thickness: 8 mm (with profile scraper = 12 mm)
max. workpiece thickness: 60 mm
smallest workpiece: 150 m x 150 mm or 65 mm x 300 mm
laterally protruding coating material: 0 mm

Machining speed: 20 m/min

edging material: paper, plastic (foil only with additional equipment) and veneer
min. height 14 mm
max. height 65 mm

Roll material:
min. Thickness: 0.3 mm
max. thickness: 3 mm
max. cross-section: 130 mm²
min. edge length 160 mm

Stripes and lasts:
min. Thickness: 0.8 mm
max. thickness: 12 mm
max. cross-section: 12 mm x 55 mm
min. Edge length: 350 mm

max. upper edge projection:
- (for edge thickness up to 8 mm) 5 mm
- (with edge thickness over 8 mm) 2 mm

The performance data refer to the basic machine and can be changed by subsequent units.

Note for strip thickness 8.1 - 12 mm:
- The end trimming unit must be adjusted manually from the side.
- 2-fold fixed point adjustment of the lateral scanning is necessary for the 08.055 trimming unit. One fixed point for 38 mm workpiece clearance. The second fixed point for controlling the side sensing with a strip thickness >8 mm.

Stable machine stand as carrier for aggregates, as well as housing for electrical installation (no separate switch cabinet). Integrated control cabinet with cooling unit for operating the machine at ambient temperatures of 10 - 45 ° Celsius.

Drive for throughput speeds of approx. 14 - 20 m/min., electronically adjustable (the control range is not the same as the processing speed).

Sliding feed chain consisting of a block link chain with 80 mm wide chain plates.

Automatic, program-controlled lubrication of the feed chain.

Top pressure with a V-belt 70 mm wide and spring-loaded, ball-bearing guide rollers, electronically height-adjustable.

Safety and protection measures according to CE regulations.

Horizontally adjustable infeed ruler by hand.

- Space reserve for the construction of a
Smoothing unit or grooving unit 08.190 or sanding unit Straight edge

Left machine (stop side in running direction left)

Roller support rail Standard

control technology

ICOS open
- PC-based control system with integrated PLC and electronic line control
- Simple, component-oriented program creation
- Almost unlimited program memory (hard disk capacity)
- Tool data management and accounting
- Signalling system for system, operating and error messages
- IMA MDE Basic for recording machine data:
Production time, set-up time, downtime, malfunction time
Adjustable / selectable acquisition period
- Fast data exchange between controller and I/O components via EtherCat
- Uninterruptible power supply for Panel PC
IMA Backup and Recover System on 2nd hard disk
- Feed interlock for adjacent machine or transports
- Control system prepared for the service portal
(Service portal see separate service)

Technical data:*
- Powerful Panel PC with integrated 19" TFT display with touch screen
- USB port
- Fast EtherCat interface (fieldbus)
- Ethernet network connection RJ45
- Operating system: Windows with TwinCat system for real-time control
- PLC programming language: IEC 61131-3

*Hardware and software correspond to the current state of our technology
Tampering with the machine control by unauthorized persons releases IMA from its warranty obligations and from product liability.

Inlet area

Adjustment axis for automatic adjustment of the stop ruler

Slide-in table 63.152, approx. 500 x 500 mm
light-weight design, in order to be able to insert very wide (transverse to the direction of travel) and short (in the direction of travel) workpieces exactly at an angle into the machine, with controllable stop ruler

Release agent specification top and bottom

format processing

Joining trimming unit 08.379
for edge milling / calibration of formatted workpieces,
- with 2 motors a 4,0 kW, 8800 rpm, 150 Hz, controllable,
- with static frequency converter,
- horizontal with NC adjustment,
Vertical adjustment with mechanical digital display,
- incl. single suction.

Blowing nozzle for removing loose particles on the workpiece side.

gluing area
radiator 300 long, 2 x 1.5 kW for preheating the workpiece edge
gluing unit 283.1513, straight edge 3 mm + strips

Technical data:

min. Strip length single roll/multiple roll: 160 mm
min. strip length: 350 mm
min. Strip height: 14 mm
max. strip height: 50 (70) mm (depending on glue specification)
max. strip length with high hood: 1200 mm

- Drive housing 283.1513 for glue application + edge magazines with closed oil bath gearbox and quick-lock system
- 1 driven main pressure roller
- separate temperature/frequency controlled gluing drive
- Cutting knife in pendulum design
- electric timer with weekly program for the glue container(s), adjustable via the control unit

Hold-down device in the area of the main pressure roller,
adjustable via stepper motor.

Glue specification for workpiece thickness max. 60 mm
with pneumatic quick-lock system, chem-coat coating, glue application rate adjustment via mechanical digital display, side run-up shoe and electronic temperature control.
Volume: 0.8 litres

Pre-melting tank approx. 1l, 283.201
regulated, with a heating capacity of 3 x 400 W for melting capacity
- for EVA filled adhesives: approx. 7.0 kg/h
- with filler-free adhesive: approx. 5.0 kg/h
with automatic granulate feed 283.19
from one storage tank: approx. 30 kg,
via a suction line into the melting chamber with level control

Automatic PU melting system Quickmelt 283.203
directly assigned to the adhesive container via a sliding device, with a closure at the melting outlet and a level control for the application basin, for 2 kg cans,
Melting capacity approx. 8 - 10 kg/h
with suction hood - Connection: Ø 80 mm

Gluing unit laterally adjustable via axis

Single roller/bar magazine Feeding angle 14 °, for
Roll material up to 3 mm and strips up to 12 mm,
Cutting knife pneumatically controlled, up to 3 mm edge thickness,
max. edge cross section 120 mm²
incl. retention device for the roll goods,
max. castors Ø 860 mm

2-fold roll magazine
attachable to the single roll magazine for roll material up to 3 mm
vertical roll holder for 2 rolls,
max. Ø 850 mm

5 press rollers, manually adjustable
with mech. digital display, pressure rollers individually spring-loaded and adjustable.


End trimming unit 08.415
for cutting the front and rear edge overhang, pneumatically swivelling and to 0° or 8°,
with 2 motors 500 W, 400 V, 150 Hz, 9000 rpm,
with 2 carbide crosscut saw blades 180 x 3.5 x 22, Z=42,
including static frequency inverter with electronic motor brake

Post-processing Milling

Milling unit 08.055 with motors
with height sensing, lateral sensing, max. 30 degrees swivelling, without tools
with mechanical digital indicators 09 for horizontal and vertical adjustment
with single suction nozzle.

for pre-milling or flush milling

for profile milling / chamfer milling

with 1 motor 1850 W, 400 V, 200 Hz, 12000 rpm

20° swivelling, with HSK 25 mounting,
incl. frequency inverter with brake function

2-fold fixed point adjustment of the side probing for the trimming unit 08.055
for positioning on 2 edge thicknesses, with manual correction

with electropneumatic disengagement device for vertical disengagement of the motor from the machining zone

With 3-fold feeler roller (1x)


Copying trimming unit SKF-L-C

for milling off strip projections on front and rear workpiece profiles bottom and top as well as the bottom and top longitudinal edge, without inner radius, with feeler rollers Ø 70, with motor-driven positioning
- with engine quick-change device,
- with 2 motors 180 W, 400 V, 200 Hz, 12000 rpm
- and 2 motors 400 W, 400 V, 200 Hz, 12000 rpm
- incl. frequency inverter with brake function,
- incl. individual extraction
-Max. profile length in throughfeed direction: approx. 50 mm
- max. workpiece thickness: 60 mm*
*For workpiece thicknesses >40 mm, it may be necessary to reduce the feed speed.
- max. working speed: approx. 20 m/min
- min. workpiece clearance = 35 mm + profile depth
- Vertical stroke for longitudinal machining motors for automatic milling with and without chain overhang.

Your advantage:
- Easy access to the unit with easy-to-operate, clear components
- Automatic steering of the longitudinal edge in order to be able to peel off the perfect amount of material on the profile scraper
- Flexible, durable and easy to handle
- Flexible and easy motor change with tool as a complete unit.

Post-processing profile/flat scraper blades

Profile scraper unit 08.519

(not for V-machines)
For rescrambling an upper and lower milled quarter circle profile on glued plastic edges.
With adjustable carbide scraper tools for easy and quick changing. With horizontal and vertical tracing. With manual horizontal adjustment with mechanical digital displays.
If the unit is not switched on, it is pneumatically pressed out horizontally and vertically.
With individual suction nozzle and chip collection box, min. workpiece thickness 12 mm

additional knife holder (presettable)

With 3-fold feeler roller (1x)

Post-processing profile / flat scraper blades

Spray nozzles above and below for the application of cleaning agents

scraper 08.521

for removing hot-melt adhesive residues from the edge area of the upper and lower edges of the workpiece, with height sensing skid, individual suction nozzle, blow-off nozzle, as well as an upper and lower cutting plate and electro-pneumatic chip cutting device.
With electronic horizontal positioning, suitable for batch size 1.

Finish finishing

Buffing unit 08.617-2
For cleaning and polishing the glued paper and plastic edges.
With one lower and one upper motor, 180 W, 50 Hz, 140 rpm,
with 2 polishing discs 50 x 160 x 19 mm.
The motors work in synchronism and are inclined as well as swivelled in feed direction. Each motor is individually vertically adjustable. Incl. pneumatic release device.

The technical data and descriptions are copies of the order confirmation at that time. Data are for information purposes only and are not binding.