Односторонний кромкообрабатывающий станок

Односторонний кромкообрабатывающий станок

Фабрикат IMA
Тип Novimat/Compact//I/G80/700/L12/
Год выпуска 2017
Инвентарный номер 0030800
Состояние Gebraucht
Цена плюс НДС -

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Eugen Pries
Vertrieb Export & Osteuropa
+49 (0)5263 41144
+49 (0)171 6287083
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Technische Daten

Single sided edge banding machine
Brand: IMA
Type: Novimat/Compact//I/G80/700/L12/
Year: 2017

Technical data:

Adjustable axis for autom. adjustments of the infeed fence

Feeding table approx. 500x500 mm

Anti-stick solvent application

Pre-milling unit wit 2 motors á 4 kW

Pre-melting unit approx. 1 l

Automatical granulate supply

Automatical PU melting system Quickmelt

5 post-pressure rollers

End trimming unit swivable from 0° or 8° with 2 motors

Milling unit with 2 motors

- Rough-/flush milling

- Profile-/chamfer milling

Contour trimming unit with 4 motors

Profile-/flat scraping unit

Buffing unit

Feed locking for a workpiece return


Min. length 150 mm

Min. width 65mm (at max. 3mm edge)

Min thickness: 8mm/12mm with profile scraper, max. 60mm

Edge material: Paper, plastic (foil just with additional equipment) and veneer

Control: ICOS Open


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